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AgenciesOnline helps independent agencies embrace change and compete in a new world.  We develop interactive three dimensional websites - but that is only the start.  We couple your website with innovative solutions for marketing, communications and technology.  One integrated platform to generate more sales, better service and improved productivity. For more information visit us at or call us at 888-985-3331.

Keep My Network Safe
Mike Foster, known as "the Tiger Woods of IT Best Practices," specializes in helping organizations keep their vital business systems secure and in line with industry best practices to leverage their technology investment through his executive-level IT presentations and IT Vital Systems Review consultations. To learn more about taking your technology security and productivity to the next level, visit

AB Solutions, Inc.
Established in 1996, AB Solutions consults and trains on all areas related to agency operations. This includes Procedures Development, Workflow Audits, System setup, Accounting Services, and the creation of Custom Proposals & Reports. Click here to learn more.

Angela Adams Consulting Services
Founded in 1997, Angela Adams Consulting Services is a national consulting firm specializing in AMS360 and AfW software, accounting, and training. We offer a variety of on-site services including employee training in all aspects of agency operations, CSR time management, Microsoft Office training, system utilization reviews and workflow analysis. Our remote access accounting service is a custom designed outsourcing package to fulfill the accounting needs of your business. Simply send us your accounting paperwork and we go to work for you. In 2006, we launched our CSR Services Division. We can help with your CSR work remotely or on-site. Recently, we introduced our How To Desk for agencies to get quick answers to nagging questions regarding how to use AMS360 or AfW. We offer a 2 hour response time during working hours by utilizing 30 associates with insurance agency expertise on both AfW and AMS360. We have 30 team members ready to help you with all of your consulting, accounting and CSR needs. Learn more at

Advanced Automation, Inc.
Advanced Automation helps agencies evaluate workflows and technology, coordinate implementation of technology with their local technical support person, and train their staff in the effective use of technology. Click here to check out Advanced Automation.

Rough Notes' The Agency Online
The Agency Online provides a variety of tools to help agencies succeed, including: personal and commercial risk surveys, business letters, policy forms & manual analysis, applicable coverages, insurance terms, Rough Notes magazine, and insurance markets. Check it out with their online demo at

AMS Producer Plus
AMS Producer Plus, formerly AMS PS4 Plus, is a fully integrated software package designed to assist you in the sale and retention of commercial accounts, from lead development through sales. To learn more, go to and visit their Products page.

C. R. Ekern & Company
C. R. Ekern & Company provides training and consulting services to Insurance Agents, Insurance Brokers, and Insurance Companies who are interested in increasing large account revenues, fees, and insurance commissions.  If you are interested in new business growth, click here!

National Marketing Services
National Marketing Services is a leading telemarketing firm, specializing in commercial and personal insurance telemarketing. They are considered one of the most successful outsource companies in the country.  Click here to learn more!

Sound Marketing, Inc.
Sound Marketing specializes in the marketing, communication, and educational needs of corporations, governmental entities, individuals, and associations. Click here to learn more about their products and services!


IMMS provides a variety of online services, products, and resources that your agency can use to grow Revenues, Retention, and Renewals proactively.


Click here to learn more.

Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc.
For over thirty years, Behavioral Sciences Research Press (BSRP) has been the world’s leading resource for the research and development of scientific procedures used to predict, prevent, diagnose and correct "sales call reluctance"  in candidates for sales positions, established top-tier producers and non-sales professionals working in fiercely competitive settings. From military recruiters to members of the clergy, non-profits to startups, professionals across organizations and industries rely on BSRP’s groundbreaking procedures to help them reach the clientele-building goals that are important to them. Visit to learn more!

HR That Works
Check out to to learn about the program used by more than 50 agencies nationwide to help attract and deepen client relations!
Don Phin is a top consultant on workplace relations. Learn about his speaking and consulting services at

International Risk Management Institute
IRMI is a research and publishing company focusing on risk management and insurance. Their Web site offers reliable and practical information to help you succeed in an ever changing insurance and risk management environment, including an
Exposure Survey Questionnaire and IRMI Insurance Checklists. Click on to learn more.

Institute of WorkComp Professionals
The Institute of WorkComp Professionals trains, tests and certifies selected insurance professionals to alert employers about hidden costs and overcharges in the Workers' Compensation insurance system.

The depth of the Institute’s knowledge, tools and support network make it the leader in positioning Advisors as experts in Workers’ Comp and Injury Management solutions.

Click on to learn more.

The Institutes Introduction to Property and Casualty Insurance
This course is an excellent starting point for almost anyone in risk management, insurance, and related fields. It covers a wide range of topics in a thorough manner. You will gain a general understanding of how the property-casualty insurance business works. You will be able to deal more effectively with others in the profession and better understand your role in making insurance work. 

Here is the link:

Skills Tests
Chris Boggs, from the Insurance Journal Academy of Insurance, has created four insurance knowledge skills tests as a gift to the industry.  The tests cover four topics: Workers' Compensation, Commercial Property, Commercial Liability, and Personal Lines.

All four tests are FREE; and the results are FREE.

Chris designed the test to help pinpoint areas where more training may be needed.

Here is the link:

The National Alliance School for Producer Development
The National Alliance School for Producer Development was created to address the needs of the insurance industry for quality, well-trained young professionals. Its primary purpose is the education and training of young men and women seeking to prepare themselves for a career in the field of insurance. The School will provide students the opportunity to explore the industry as a whole, but the core of its curriculum will be centered on commercial lines - risk analysis, coverage, and the sale and service of commercial accounts. Students participating in the program will examine the sales and service requirements of commercial insurance, and major emphasis will be placed upon the practical and professional application of commercial insurance in the "real world." Click here to learn more.

Insurance Is Fun
Check out this Web site for a new and exciting look at insurance. Brought to you by Amrhein and Associates Inc. and the van Aartrijk Group LLC, this site is well worth checking out. Lighten and brighten your day -- click on!

IIABA's Virtual University
Need some help? In search of information? The IIABA's Virtual University will likely have the answer. In fact, the VU recently won the Insurance Journal's reader poll for the Most Influential Person in the industry! 40+ industry experts donate their time and knowledge to providing this free service. Check out!

Insurance Information Institute
The Insurance Information Institute offers a truly broad range of information on a wide variety insurance topics, from basic information to detailed insurance trends. Visit to learn more.

Ultimate Insurance Links
If you have not found what you are looking for here, check out for a very comprehensive list of insurance related links.